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Thai Green Tea


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Thai green tea is made with strongly-brewed green tea, combined with a sweet scent of jasmine. This is another staple drink in Thailand. 

It is then sweetened with less than 1 teaspoon of sugar and condensed milk, topped with evaporated milk and served with a cup full of ice. A must-try for all green tea lovers! Contains dairy. 

People are usually intimidated by the green colour and are less willing to try it but the strong floral fragrant taste of the Thai Green Tea is something that you should not miss and it cannot be found in the regular Thai Iced Tea.  Do not be mistaken that Thai Green Tea is matcha, because Matcha is usually in powder form whereas Thai Green Tea is made from tea leaves. 

Freshly brewed.

Delivered Chilled without Ice for best taste.

Best to be drank with a cup of ice.

*Photo for illustration purpose. Will be delivered in a plastic bottle.

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