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5 Thai Products You Never Knew You Needed

Whenever you go to Thailand, you already know in your head which products you’re gonna stock up and bring back to Singapore. Correct? Did you know that apart from your standard Snake Brand Powders, Madame Heng Soaps, Snail White facial products, Counterpains, there’re many more Thai products that are super useful and that you should be stocking up? 

These are the 5 Thai Products that we think you should know about:

1. Taoyeablok Deodorant Powder

This boring looking tiny container that’s filled with Thai words is our recommended #1 Thai Product that you need to try. 
What is it? 
A very power Deodorant Powder made with Thai Herbs
What does it do?
  1. Eliminates body odour 
  2. Prevents sweaty armpits
  3. Keeps your armpits dry 
  4. Prevents foot odour (but we haven’t used it for our foot)
How to use it?
Apply on your armpits (or foot) 
If you have body odour, don’t be shy, try it. Even if you don’t have body odour, you can use it to keep your armpits dry. Or if you know of someone near you with body odour, gift it to them and you will know how effective it is. 
However, it’s not ideal for occasions when you intend to wear sleeveless tops because your armpit will be white. (It might be a little embarrassing.) 

2. Peppermint Field Mask Drop

This product is specially made for this Covid period because of us being stuck with our masks for long hours. 
What is it?
An ointment for you to drop on your mask to keep your mask fresh.
What does it do?
Prevents external odours 
Prevents you from smelling your own bad/food/coffee/cigarette breath
Prevents you from smelling the food smells stuck on your mask 
Helps you feel fresh 
Helps you keep your mask on
Makes mask-wearing less painful and more bearable
How to use it?
Drop 1-2 drops on the external part of your mask. Keep dropping as needed all day long. 

3. Malissa Kiss Total White Underarm Cream & Toner

You might not know it but your underarms should be kept as smooth and clean as your face (if not more). And this set of Malissa Kiss’ cream and toner is for you to show some love to your armpits. 
What is it?
Underarm care set (cream & toner) 
Axilla care treatment
What does it do?
Helps you have healthy, bright and smooth underarm skins!
Controls odour and sweat to help you feel confident throughout the day 
Smoothens bumps and lumps on your armpits
Removes bacteria stuck (and growing) in your armpits
How to use it?
Underarm cream:  
Apply on your armpits after you finish showering
Underarm Toner: use the toner like how you would use a face toner, day and night. 
You need to start learning how to care for your underarms like how you care for your face because no matter how good looking you are, unhealthy, dull and stinky underarms will make your face lose all its importance!

4. Soffell Mosquito Repellent Spray

Your kids don’t have to hate mosquito repellents and fear you going after that to put on insect repellants on them anymore because of Soffell Mosquito Repellent Lotion.
What is it?
Mosquito Repellent Spray without any pungent smell and it actually smells very good, unlike those traditional mosquito repellents.
What does it do?
Repels mosquitos for a long period of time
How to use it?
Apply evenly on part of your body or on the juiciest part of your body that the mosquitos cannot seem to get enough of.
Try this spray that the mosquitos hate!

5. Poy Sian Pim Saen Roller Balm Oil

Balm oil in roller style for ease of use and application
What does it do?
Relieves your stuffy nose
Temporarily relieves your sinus or dust allergies
Clears your nose 
Relieves headaches and dizziness
How to use it?
Roll it around your nostrils but not too much or it might be too spicy and inhale deeply.
Once you’ve tried these 5 products, you will know exactly why these items need to be stocked up. These items are easily available in 7-11 Thailand and everywhere else. Now that you cannot go Thailand, fret not because these are all available on Siam Super (and we’ll deliver to your doorstep along with many other kinds of your favourite Thai stuff) We’d love your hear your reviews after you’ve tried them!



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